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              Integrity Innovation Efficiency Transcendence & Fusion

              Tel: 0510-80675555

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              Postal Code: 214429

              Address:No. 1 Changshan Avenue, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province

            2. The Board Chairman's Speech

            3. The Group Introduction

            4. Senior Executives

            5. Organizational Structure

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            8. Enterprise Culture

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              Dear friends:

                CITIC Pacific Special Steel Holdings (CITIC Special Steel for short), is a subsidiary of CITIC Limited. It had owned such subordinate companies as Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd, Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co., Ltd, Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd, Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd, Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd, Tongling Pacific Special Materials Co., Ltd and Yangzhou Pacific Special Materials Co., Ltd, forming a coastal and riverside strategic layout of industrial chain.

                With the annual production capacity of over 13 million-ton high-quality special steel and world-level process technology & equipment, nowadays, CITIC Special Steel is a top-quality special steel manufacturing base in the world, covering the large steel grades and full product categories; it has possessed such “Six Major Product Groups” as alloy steel bar, special medium & heavy plate, special seamless steel tube, special metallurgy forging, alloy steel wire rods and continuous casting alloy round billet as well as quenching & tempering materials, bright steel, auto components, grinding balls and other deep processed products, which are complete in variety, specification & matching and excellent in quality, with significant market competition advantages. Its products are also exported to more than 60 regions and countries such as America, Japan, EU and Southeast Asia, etc., and have gained appreciation from numerous domestic and overseas high-end users.

                Upholding the concept of “Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Transcendence & Fusion” and taking to benefit the society as its own responsibility, CITIC Special Steel strives to construct an environment-friendly, resource-saving and social harmonious enterprise, making all effort to create global most competitive special steel enterprise group.1540948418138329.png

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